The small one! For powerful high-speed machining in micro machining up to more than 85,000 rpm TRIBOS-RM polygonal toolholders are predestined for precise machining in high speed ranges up to more than 85,000 rpm. The run-out accuracy of < 0.003 mm as well as a stability gained from the honeycomb structure form the basis of the extremely compact toolholder tapers, ensures precise and process-reliable machining.

Field of application

For micro-milling machines / processing – drilling, reaming, milling

Advantages – Your benefitscsm IM0008160 54b939dc2f TRIBOS RM

Small and compact design
Allows a precise process reliability metal cutting
High radial rigidity
Provides high cutting and faster processing time. Productivity is thus increased.
Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of less than < 0.003 mm
This assures best surface results due to a uniform cutting action and highest reproducibility.
Quick and easy tool changes with the SVP Mini
Minimizing set-up times and costs
No moving parts and therefore maintenance-free

Precision balanced as standard with a balancing grade G2,5 at 25,000 rpm
Prevents the machine spindle from damage
The all-rounder for milling, drilling, reaming, and thread-cutting
No additional cost
Broad compatibility
All commercially available shank types can be clamped (best results with cylindrical shanks h6 tolerances)
Excellent vibration damping
Prevents the machine spindle from damage

Options and special information

The anchor structure allows TRIBOS-RM to remain stable during loads caused by high cutting forces. The clamping forces suffice to reach the limits of the loads generated by high-speed machining centers. High machining performance paves the way for quicker machining times and thus increases the productivity.

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