TRIBOS boasts its power in highly precise micro machining right up to large volume cutting. With its patented TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology

TENDO hydraulic

TENDO has been a synonym for highly precise shank tool clamping for many decades. With its continual developments, this forward-looking clamping technology...


The innovative SVL tool extensions from SCHUNK are designed and are suitable for precise machining of hard-to-reach areas. They set benchmarks in regard to set-up times and costs.

Mechanical toolholders

With ER collets, Weldon mountings, combination shell end mill adapters, face mill arbors, as well as CNC short drill chucks, SCHUNK is offering an extensive range of mechanical toolholders.

Tool Grinding

In tool production and in the context of sharpening, a few thousandths of millimeters determine the quality of the finished blades. SCHUNK precision toolholders are responsible for the most important process leading to optimum results.

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