Compatibility is granted. Tool grinding toolholders from SCHUNK meet all the requirements for a very precise and economic tool grinding on the machines of many well-known manufacturers. They are considered to be flexible and effective, and many machine manufacturers and OEMs use them.

Field of application

For tool sharpening and grinding machines
csm IM0015669 05d2618426 WZS

Advantages – Your benefits

Especially slim interfering contour for improved interference between grinding wheel

Extremely deep clamping depth for special tools with large shank lengths

Optimal shape accuracy, surface quality, and run-out accuracy of the tool cutting edge for a better chip removal and provides an even cutting action

Versatile clamping range due to the use of intermediate sleeves
No additional cost
Tool changes in seconds without peripheral equipment
Easy handling. Turn in the actuation screw with an Allen key to the dead stop. The clamping results without the need for additional peripheral equipment.
Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of less than < 0.003 mm
This assures best surface results due to a uniform cutting action and highest reproducibility.
Excellent vibration damping
Prevents the machine spindle from damage

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