TRIBOS-Mini is setting standards in micro machining. The toolholder system is used in filigree machining operations for housings, molds, electrodes, and engravings in medical technology and electrotechnology, as well as in the watch and clock making industry, or in the precision die construction industry. TRIBOS-Mini can be used to clamp extremely small shanks, which means the time-consuming and cost-intensive manufacturing of special tools is no longer needed.

Field of application

For micro-milling machines / processing – drilling, reaming, milling

Advantages – Your benefits

For the smallest diameters starting from 0.3 mm csm IM0008161 ca0a661692 TRIBOS Mini
No additional cost by special tools
Economical for filigree machining operations without special tools

Quick and easy tool changes with the SVP Mini
Minimizing set-up times and costs
Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of less than < 0.003 mm
This assures best surface results due to a uniform cutting action and highest reproducibility.
No moving parts and therefore maintenance-free

Ultimate dynamic run-out properties
Excellent workpiece surface quality

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