TRIBOS-R offers through its unique polygonal honeycomb structure and increased outer diameter, an optimal ratio between radial rigidity and damping, and provides the best dynamic run-out properties. Absolutely smoothly running and excellent shape and positional tolerances are the resulting benefits for a process reliable machining of the highest level.

Field of application

For milling centers/ optionally suitable for HPC/ HSC machining – drilling, reaming, milling, tapping/ thread milling and forming

Advantages – Your benefitscsm IM0014547 69efc82bfc TRIBOS R

Maximum radial rigidity
Maximum running smoothness and excellent geometric tolerances of the workpiece
Excellent vibration damping
Prevents the machine spindle from damage
Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of less than < 0.003 mm
This assures best surface results due to a uniform cutting action and highest reproducibility.
Ultimate dynamic run-out properties
Excellent workpiece surface quality
Precision balanced as standard with a balancing grade G2,5 at 25,000 rpm
Prevents the machine spindle from damage
No moving parts and therefore maintenance-free

Exact axial length preadjustment

Broad compatibility, all customary shank types can be clamped (best results with cylindrical shanks h6 tolerances)

Options and special information

TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology
By using the TRIBOS SVP clamping devices and the matching pressure actuation, the polygonal clamping diameter of the toolholder forms cylindrical and the tool shank can be easily inserted. If the pressure on the clamping diameter reduces, then it will assume its polygonal shape again, and clamps the inserted tool shank process reliably and at a high repeat accuracy.

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