Extremely slim design! Accurate in the tightest machining conditions. If areas of the workpiece are hard to reach and conventional clamping systems come up against their limits, TRIBOS-S polygonal toolholders are the answer, due to their extremely slim design. The optimal permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of < 0.003 mm ensures a more even cutting action and thus improves the tool life by four times over.

Field of application

For milling, reaming, drilling, counterbore/chamfering

Advantages – Your benefits

Extremely slim design
Enable precise cutting applications in hard-to-reach workpiece areas
High feed rate due to lightweight design
csm IM0008158 e574473ef2 TRIBOS S
Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of less than < 0.003 mm
This assures best surface results due to a uniform cutting action and highest reproducibility.
Versatile clamping range due to the use of intermediate sleeves
No additional cost
Exact axial length preadjustment – Precision balanced as standard with a balancing grade G2,5 at 25,000 rpm
Prevents the machine spindle from damage
Broad compatibility
All commercially available shank types can be clamped (best results with cylindrical shanks h6 tolerances)

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