TGK1500 is a new grade for machining cast iron with Seco’s Multi-Directional Turning system MDT featuring Duratomic coating technology.

It is geared towards grooving and profiling of cast iron parts in many applications. Typical components are, for example, cylinder liners, impellers, housings, cam shafts and brake discs.

This grade combined with the versatile MDT tools make it suitable for radial, axial and internal machining in a variety of cast irons, from the easiest grey cast irons to the most demanding high-alloyed ductile irons.

The main benefits of TGK1500 are reliability combined with high productivity. TGK1500 is available in several chipbreakers, FT, MT and MP which range from 2 to 8 millimetres in cutting edge widths.


  • Broad product range in grooving and profiling of a varity of cast irons
  • Hard but safe insert substrate combined with Duratomic coating provides high productivity but also reliability
  • Further degree of efficiency can be reached with Jetstream Tooling
  • Wide scope in both dry and wet machining
  • Available in chipbreakers FT, MT and MP for best practice in cast irons
  • Strong complement in steel machining
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