The next big thing in hardened steel grooving is here — and it goes by the name TGH1050. It’s the newest member of our MDT family and the hardest, most wear-resistant carbide grade in our product portfolio. Better yet, there’s nothing else like it on the market today.

tgh1050 450 TGH1050

Featuring an ultra-fi ne grain substrate with very high hardness and a tough nanolaminate PVD coating, this advanced carbide grade is substantially harder than traditional tungsten carbide solutions and can deliver performances that are on par with PCBN inserts.

When processing hardened materials, TGH1050 provides the best of both worlds. Its performance approaches PCBN levels, while still off ering the benefi ts of carbide grades. At the same time, the levels of performance and tool life with TGH1050 exceed what can be reached with conventional carbide grades.

Manufacturers, especially those in the automotive sector, that run grooving operations on case hardened steels will greatly benefi t from TGH1050. Whether it involves the hard top layer or the softer middle section of a part, the grade remains highly eff ective throughout the entire process.

TGH1050 comes in two insert geometry shapes with excellent chip forming properties. The square FT geometry performs best in grooving and fi ne turning applications, while the round-shaped MP geometry excels in profi ling operations.

• Top choice for grooving in hardened steels
• Good option for superalloy materials
• Very hard and wear-resistant ultra-fi ne substrate
• Tough nanolaminate PVD coating
• Strong complement to PCBN grades
• Better performer than conventional carbide grades


• Available in widths from 3 mm to 6 mm
• Comes in FT (square) and MP (round) insert geometries

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