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The innovative TENDO SVL tool extension is predestined and designed for the precise machining of hard-to-reach areas, and is setting the standards in regard to set-up time and costs. The extensions can be clamped into almost any precision toolholder in next to no time.

Field of application

For milling, reaming, drilling, counterbore/chamfering and thread tapping

Advantages – Your benefits

Clamping in seconds without peripheral equipment
Time savings due to reduced set-up times and no investment costs for additional clamping devices.
Micron precise tool changes in seconds, even in the machine
Manufacturing downtimes and set-up times are reduced at the machine
Excellent vibration damping
Ensured high surface quality, protection of the machine spindle, service life is increased, and costs are reduced.
Suitable for nearly every precision toolholder, customary shank types can be clamped
no additional costs for new tools.
High flexibility due to the use of intermediate sleeves
SCHUNK Intermediate sleeves allow clamping of several, different shank diameters with just one toolholder.
Dirt resistance for long lasting functional reliability
Absolutely maintenance-free and resistant to contamination due to its one-piece design .

Options and special information

Flexible clamping areas due to the use of intermediate sleeves
Intermediate sleeves allow clamping of various shank diameters from 3 – 32 mm with just one toolholder. Your benefit: Reduction of the acquisition costs, higher clamping force at the given shank diameter.

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