TANDEM hydraulic


Hydraulically actuated 2-jaw clamping force block in compact design with a high clamping force

Field of application

  • 3-axis standard machining center
  • 4-axis vertical machining center
  • 4-axis horizontal machining center
  • 5-axis machining center


Advantages – Your benefits

Precision wedge-hook clamping force block for top quality demands
Allows excellent machining processes
Low height
Maximum use of the machine room and maximum rigidity of the system
Optimized external contour
For best side access and optimal chip falling
Cubic design
Ideal for 6-sided machining with 2 set-ups on 4-axis machines
High efficiency of the wedge hook system
Process-reliable clamping due to high clamping forces
Optimized lubrication system
Consistently high clamping forces are ensured
Base jaws with tongue and groove or fine serration as standard
High flexibility in the range of top jaws
Optimal jaw support due to the use of a very long base jaw guidance
Allows high clamping forces at a long service life
All functional parts are ground and hardened
Ensures a long service life.


csm IM0014719 f48d81cc0f TANDEM hydraulic


Options and special information

Workpiece clamping in confined spaces
The hydraulically actuated KSH plus clamping force blocks are operated at a system pressure of up to 120 bar. They grip their workpieces precisely in the tightest of spaces. Due to the special geometry they permit an optimal accessibility of the machine spindle to the workpiece.

Depending on the application, the workpieces can be gripped centrically or against a fixed jaw. Immense clamping forces and a high system rigidity ensure long-lasting and secure clamping. Optionally, the clamping vises can also be ordered with a quick jaw change system or an inductive monitoring of the jaw position.

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