Pneumatically actuated 3-jaw power chuck with a large through hole

Field of application

  • 3-axis standard machining center
  • 4-axis vertical machining center
  • 4-axis horizontal machining center
  • 5-axis machining center
  • 5-axis machining center with turning option

csm IM0011401 116aa50357 ROTA TPS

Advantages – Your benefits

Precision wedge hook pneumatic power chuck for highest quality demands
Allows excellent machining processes
Large through-hole
Machining of all standard pipe diameters
High efficiency of the wedge hook system
Process-reliable clamping due to high clamping forces
Optimized lubrication system
Consistently high clamping forces are ensured
Monitoring the opening and closing process
Process-reliable operation of the lathe chuck
High clamping forces at system pressure
Ensure process reliability during machining
All functional parts are ground and hardened
Ensures a long service life

Options and special information

Pneumatic front-end chuck for stationary use
The ROTA TPS pneumatic power chucks are specially designed for stationary use. Particularly if there are no hydraulics, they are suitable as replacement due to their integrated pneumatic cylinder. Power transmission is carried out in the ROTA TPS via the proven wedge-hook system.

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