ROTA-S flex


Weight-reduced 3-jaw manual chuck with quick jaw adjustment and an extremely wide clamping range.


csm IM0012594 9d21306576 ROTA S flex


Field of application

  • on mill/turn machines


Advantages – Your benefits

Convenient jaw quick-change system
Minimizing set-up times and costs
High efficiency of the wedge bar system
Process-reliable clamping due to high clamping forces
High jaw quick-change repeatability
No reboring of already machined jaws necessary
Low chuck weight
Higher workpiece payload possible
Specially sealed for vertical designs
Optimum protection against coolant and chips
Maximum flexibility due to extended guideways
For an extremely wide clamping range
Visual safety devices
Maximum operating safety
Optimized lubrication system
For consistently high clamping forces
Angled serrated base jaws SFG
Interchangeable with ROTA-S plus and with system “F“ (Forkardt)
All functional parts are ground and hardened
High run-out and jaw change repeat accuracy

Options and special information

Manual lightweight chuck
The ROTA-S flex is a flexible lightweight chuck particularly designed for modern milling/turning centers. The ROTA-S flex combines a low weight with optimum workpiece accessibility. The consistent lightweight design allows the machine´s dynamics to come into its own and leaves sufficient capacity for heavy workpieces, without moving the machine at the load limit at all times.

In just a few steps, the integrated jaw adjustment can adapt the ROTA-S flex quickly to new clamping tasks. Whether small or large workpieces – ROTA-S flex clamps quickly and reliably, even at speed.

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