KSM 65-220

The movable jaws can be positioned at any position by the jaw quick-adjustment. Clamping is achieved with the movable jaw via a closed wedge hook system which pulls down the workpiece. The back of the adjusting jaw and the fixed jaw serve as workpiece stops.
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Clamping area without serration
Parts can be supported on smooth surface

Vertical serration

  • No jamming with chips
  • Protection against damage and wear

Adjustable jaw

  • Handle strip with “click-in“ retention
  • One screw, open 1/4 turn for fixing or repositioning

Fixed jaw

  • Reversible, profiled
  • Movable via index serration

Clamping Rail

  • Width 65 mm and 90 mm
  • Lengths 220 mm – 650 mm

Set-up on machine table

  • With fitting bores for grid plates
  • With longitudinal slots for T-slot table (90 mm width)
  • With VERO-S quick-change pallet system with intermediate plate

Modular system

  • Comprehensive jaw quick-change system
  • Use as single-acting clamping vise with up to 50 kN clamping force
  • Extendable rails
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